So you are finally an adult who needs a resume…

V Morgan Resume ~~ Here’s mine for a reference point.

As the times change, so do the rules for resumes. For instance, it’s no longer common to list your current salary, or salary expectations, on your resume. It’s also O.K. to leave off your full address* now (BYE CREEPS!)

P.S.- You can leave off your graduation year! This sometimes causes ageism issues. I’ve only had a handful of issues regarding my age, but usually after a conversation those fears recruiters and business owners have go away.

To start:

1.) Choose a nice, neat, easy to read layout. If you are tech savvy and have a good eye, create your own. If not, Google Docs to me has the best selection. (No they are not paying me to namedrop, but if they did I wouldn’t say no!)

2.) Add a little pop of color! This will help it stand out and maybe keep it slightly more fresh on the brain. That being said, do not go clown crazy. That ain’t cute. I also do not recommend scented paper (sorry, Elle Woods!)- you never know who has a sensitivity to smells, and also it just seems tacky~~ AKA try too hard on other areas of yourself, not so much on the scent of a paper.

3.) Your objective should be just that- your objective**. Don’t be afraid to change the wording for this based on what you are applying for.. However, if the job isn’t close enough to what you want to be doing, or cannot lead you to what you eventually want to achieve, maybe it is not the right gig for you.

4.) Key words. Large companies have algorithms that scan resumes and cover letters for key words. Now I am no scientist, but I get quite a few hits so I must be doing something right. Do your research, utilize skills that get hits on Indeed and LinkedIn- add those words to your resume.

5.) When using a title for your position, sometimes it helps to broaden the title. For instance, my current title is “Captain of Guest Services” which is really just my company’s cute way of saying that I am the Guest Services Manager. Does this mean I don’t appreciate my company’s creativity? No. But it does mean I am trying to streamline to make reading my resume quick and to the point.

6.) When you apply for a job, save the job description. This is a tip I wish I had learned YEARS ago!! That way, when you update your resume, you can literally just copy and paste the highlights and not strain your brain!

7.) Yes, everyone prefers a one page resume. I however, prefer a one page front and back resume. It’s still one page… butttt I can fit a bit more of my unique and diverse background when I have more space. Maybe I’m just crazy.

8.) Ensure that if your position is very unique to the company you are currently with, that you dissect it into skills and attributes that can be utilized elsewhere.

9.) SKILLS AND SPECIAL CERTIFICATES!! DO IT. (Typically these get listed below employment, but I put my notary at the top, because come on. Notary basically means I can be hella trusted. Do you know what it takes to become a notary??) The point is, if it’s really important, go ahead and place it near the top with your objective.

10.) Remember, any company would be blessed to have you, but sometimes there is just a better fit. Do not get discouraged! Also, focus on perfecting your cover letter skills (yes, I will post about that later!)

~~I’m sure I will think of plenty more, since I am about to press “post”. If I do, you bet your bottom dollar I will post a sequel.

Thank you for your time,

Veronica M.

* I still keep my full address on mine, I am typically pretty traditional when it comes to work-related projects.

** Yes, yes. I realize I do not use an objective. It’s my Achilles heal. That’s what my LinkedIn is for.


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