Something taditional, something new, something…. blue?

This post is going to seem a little like it’s all over the place, but it has a purpose, so hear me out!

I wanted to start with a concept that I believe has been dying with the younger generation (and may increase your odds of getting a call back on an interview) and then flow into a concept that should be intriguing to the younger generation… but they seem to be missing out on.

Let’s jump right in:

The something old/traditional:

So you sent your badass resume and cover letter, got invited to interview, dressed in that amazing button up your momma got you that you hate, and (hopefully) nailed it with your charm and intelligence. Now what? What happened to the “thank you note”? So often we feel like we deserved that meeting, and now we just wait anxiously for a response. Did you ever think about how the recruiter/manager had to make time out of their day for you? It’s always polite (and memorable!) if you send something. These days, the most common way to achieve this is to send a quick email. Summarize what you spoke about and thank them for making the time to meet with them. Reiterate again what you like about the company. Short, sweet, to the point.

If nothing else, you will make some harried, over-worked person’s day.

The something new AND??? blue:

Let’s bring up LinkedIn for a second. When did you last update your profile? How often do you interact with the people you are connected with? Do you join in on discussions? When was the last time you sought out recruiters for positions you were interested in and connected with them to make their internet stalking easier?

Do you know how many connections I have made just by commenting on threads? LinkedIn is so heavily under-utilized it’s scary. You use social media all the time! This is no different and can present you with jobs you would NEVER find elsewhere. I promise my connections post personal email addresses to open spots before they become open anywhere else.

So get your ego in check, start being polite and memorable, and blow the dust off that LinkedIn. You’re an adult now.

Veronica M.


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