Everything should be a stepping stone.

if you are not working toward your dream (or ultimate goal if you do not like the word “dream”) every day.. what are you doing? Why are you settling? Every single connection you make, every skill you learn, every position you take- should set you up for your ultimate goal.

But you bartend on the side? Yep. I sure do. Do you know how many people I meet and network with when I’m bartending? I get contracted to private bartend events all the time. How does this help me?

Well, I guess my telling you what I want to do.

I want to be an event planner. I know it sounds anticlimactic but oh well!

So here I am, already part of people’s events, I have a plethora of related skills I’ve learned at my various gigs over the years, and now I am taking on a role to get me one step closer.

Work smart, not hard. Or rather, work smartly and hard toward a goal you are passionate about.



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